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Business English For Women Entrepreneurs

Prepare yourself for the business world: power skills webinars series

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Business English Course is a course intented to give students a basic foundation and working knowledge of Business English.

The class is taught at an intermediate level and students should have a level of intermediate English laguage proficiency and writing experience. Varios aspects of Business English will be covered, including, but not limited to measurements, social language, participation in meetings, and presentations. Also in the course is an introduction to business letters, enquiries, ordering, confirmations, as well the enhancenment of commercial and cross-cultural comunications skills.

Business English students will gaing a broad perspective on the business world today, while at the same time developing fluency in English Language.

Webinar Series 1 – Introducing Yourself and Your Company

Description: A series of meetings where attendees will learn and gain confidence in stating and asking for basic personal information when meeting new people.


  • Meetings in the flesh
  • On the phone
  • Exchanges via email
  • Politeness and register
  • Cultural differences

Testing: As with other webinars, the examination will take place in the final meeting and it will consist of role plays guided by the facilitator.


Webinar Series 2 – Email Writing Skills

Description: This course will provide attendees with the necessary tools to master the ability of sending effective emails and communicating assertively through them.


  • Giving and resquest information
  • Arranging interviews and calls
  • Opening and closing
  • Politeness and register
  • Cultural differences
  • Discussion of examples

Testing: In this case, it will consist of an email written to the examiner, who will give comprehensive feedback and grade it accordingly.


Webinar Series 3 – Traveling in English (At the Airport, Restaurant, Hotel)

Description: This webinar focuses on how to handle situations at the different  places a person goes to while on holiday. Ordering food, making a reservation will come easy as pie.


  • At a restaurant
  • At the airport
  • At the hotel
  • Asking for and giving directions

Testing: The evaluation will consist of a 60 second exchange of your choice with a mate


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  1. Imagen de perfil de Lilia Baños Velasco

    Excelente curso!!

    Me parece un curso muy interactivo y que cuenta con las herramientas necesarias para enseñarnos cómo realizar negocios en el idioma Inglés, ya sea con empresarios Norte Américanos, como con empresarios de otras culturas. El material es muy bueno y se motiva a la práctica. Excelente teacher!!

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  • 3 Meses
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